The samba FTBFS is blocking the python 3.8 transition in raspbian bullseye, so 
I decided to take a look.

error: Unable to determine origin of type `struct cli_credentials'
I don't think this is the error that is causing the build failure. The same error can be seen 
in succesful build logs. e.g.

Instead I think the real error is further down the log
../../lib/replace/system/network.h:91:10: fatal error: stropts.h: No such file 
or directory
Some googling lead me to and which suggests that the bug 
triggers if samba is built against a newer glibc while python was built against 
an older glibc. Specifically it seems python headers leak certain system 
feature defines including HAVE_STROPTS_H which cause network.h to think 
stropts.h is available when it isn't.

If my understanding is correct I see two possible ways forward.

1. Rebuild python3.8 against the new glibc.
2. Remove the stropts include from samba, it doesn't seem to actually be used 
for anything (at least I can't find any other references to HAVE_STROPTS_H in 
the code).

I am currently testing a build in raspbian bullseye with the second approach. I 
will report back later on whether it results in a succesful build.

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