On 2020-04-03 23:21:25 +0300 (+0300), ellis.mag...@pp.inet.fi wrote:
> What is the correct way to build a clean version of python2.7 on
> Debian9 that will be compatible with already packaged python2.7
> modules?

The Python modules with C extensions packaged in Debian are built
against the Python development library headers for the version of
the Python interpreter which is packaged in Debian. If you replace
the interpreter with a different version I expect you'll at least
have to relink, if not entirely recompile, those extensions against
newer headers. I don't personally know a way to go about that short
of rebuilding those additional modules from source. You might be
better off switching to a newer version of Debian which provides a
newer Python 2.7 release and has the other packages you need already
built against it, or using some other Python package management
solution like conda or virtualenv.
Jeremy Stanley

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