On 21/04/2020 22:20, Thomas Goirand wrote:
So, if I'm following correctly, what you seem to propose, is to remove
Python 2 from unittest2. If that's the case, then I agree with such a
plan. I just didn't dare to do it yet.
Yes, whichever approach is taken to dealing with funcsigs, unittest2 will need 
to drop it's python2 packages.
Though in fact, I already worked on that, but stopped, also because
unittest2 FTBFS when I try building it on my laptop. So I've pushed it
in its normal Git repo [1] under a py2-removal branch. If anyone has
some time available to look at it, that'd be nice (I currently don't...).
It appears that this was fixed in a NMU, but the NMU changes were never 
imported into the packaging repository, once I imported the NMU changes the 
package built fine here.

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