Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Control: block 721192 by -1

Package name    : python-pressagio
Version         : 0.1.6
Upstream Author : Peter Bouda <>
URL             :
License         : Apache-2.0
Programming Lang: Python
Description     : Pressagio text prediction system

 Pressagio is a library that predicts text based on n-gram models. For
 example, you can send a string and the library will return the most
 likely word completions for the last token in the string.
 Pressagio is a pure Python port of the presage library:
 Pressagio is part of the Poio project:
 [very quickly skimming the source suggests that it requires sqlite, and also
  that it could benefit from some enhance-user-friendliness work for the
  initial per-user setup...unless that would fall under the domain of
  applications that use this library]


Uberwriter/Apostrophe appears to require this library, and that is the
reason for this RFP (or weak ITP).  I'm willing to do the packaging
work if someone would like to comaintain, and I'd prefer not to be the
only person responsible.  DPMT is an option, but it's better to [also]
have someone who is interested in seeing a specific piece of software
succeed :-)


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