Le dimanche 05 juillet 2020 à 00:52 -0400, Sandro Tosi a écrit :
> Tbh, i think it's time to just rip the bandaid and upload mercurial
> python3 to unstable, and deal with the consequences there (i
> volunteer to do so); 
> What do people think about this?

Against band-aid ripping :
- breaking other packages is rude ;
- sometimes a maintainer doesn't have time to deal with a problem when
the problem arises ;

For band-aid ripping :
- if upstream still doesn't support Python 3 after all those years, the
software is probably mostly dead ;
- teams make it possible to alleviate personal schedule matters ;
- obviously Sandro Tosi tried to help much already : it's not an out-
of-the-blue move ;

I really don't want to end up supporting Python 2 software without
upstream help during a few years -- and that's what will happen if we
don't kick Python 2 out before the next release!



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