čt 9. 7. 2020 v 21:25 odesílatel peter green <plugw...@p10link.net> napsal:

> python-numpy* is no longer buildable in testing due to the removal of the
> "cython" binary package.
> The maintainer has requested removal of python-numpy from unstable but the
> ftpmasters have not yet
> actioned it, presumably because there are still reverse-dependencies in
> unstable. A rc bug is
> present but will not cause autoremoval because python-numpy is on the "key
> packages" list.
> All of the reverse dependencies of python-numpy have already been removed
> from testing. So IMO
> it makes sense to remove python-numpy from testing at this point, do other
> people agree?

if all reverse dependencies of python-numpy were already removed from
testing and we are not going to reintroduce python-numpy into testing I
think it's good idea to remove python-numpy from "key packages" list and
thus allow autoremoval.

Best regards
 Ondřej Nový

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