Hi Scott, devel, and Python team,

Nicholas D Steeves <nstee...@gmail.com> writes:

> Control: block -1 by 962574
> Tomlkit seems to be required for self-tests.

Thank you for taking care of tomlkit so quickly!  I wish I had more time
and energy to make faster progress with DepHell.  Today I discovered it
appears to require packaging 14 dephell-.* modules, listed here:


so it's going to be a while (months) before I complete this ITP (which
blocks my solution for converting pyproject.toml to setup.py for fissix
and thus Bowler).  If anyone would like to help out with the dephell-.*
dependencies to speed this process along, please go ahead, and let me
know if you'd like a comaintainer/second Uploader.  Failing that, I'll
get to it as soon as I can :-)


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