this email is to inform the maintainers of the reverse dependencies of
mercurial of the plan to upload to unstable the python3 version next
Thursday. We want to be extra-safe with the switch, hence this email.

In To: to this email the maintainers mailing list + key other MLs and
addresses, in Bcc: the real people listed in Maintainer/Uploaders of
the involved packages, apologies if you received more than 1 copy of

The full list of the packages, as produced by dak, is available at the
bottom of this email.

There has been a test rebuilt, via ratt, as part of
https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=937009#142 and it
doesnt look like there's any failure in the build process due to the
switch (except for meson, which indirectly build-depends on python2
without listing it).

Mercurial is also used as part of the normal operation of a program,
and that cannot be tested automatically, nor via a rebuild. The
python3 version of mercurial is available in experimental
(5.4.1-1+exp1); if you could test it against your package to make sure
it works as you intended, that would help the transition.

Mercurial has an extensive test suite, which passes 100% with python3,
so we dont expect any failure while using the `mercurial` command, but
some interfaces/operations may have changed.

If we dont hear otherwise, we plan to upload the python3 version of
mercurial in unstable on or around next Thursday, July 16th.

This effort will greatly benefit the broader effort of py2removal, by
allowing the chain removal of several other packages.


$ dak rm -Rn mercurial
Will remove the following packages from unstable:

 mercurial |    5.4.1-1 | source, amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386,
mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x
mercurial-common |    5.4.1-1 | all

Maintainer: Python Applications Packaging Team

------------------- Reason -------------------


Checking reverse dependencies...
# Broken Depends:
git-remote-hg: git-remote-hg
hg-git: mercurial-git
hgsubversion: hgsubversion
mercurial-buildpackage: mercurial-buildpackage
mercurial-crecord: mercurial-crecord
mercurial-extension-utils: mercurial-extension-utils
mercurial-keyring: mercurial-keyring
python-hgapi: python3-hgapi
python-hglib: python3-hglib
sphinx-patchqueue: python-sphinx-patchqueue

# Broken Build-Depends:
check-manifest: mercurial
composer: mercurial
devpi-common: mercurial
git-remote-hg: mercurial
golang-github-masterminds-vcs-dev: mercurial
haskell-filestore: mercurial
hg-git: mercurial (>= 4.8~)
hgsubversion: mercurial (>= 5.2-1~)
jags: mercurial
meson: mercurial
pepper: mercurial
python-hgapi: mercurial
python-hglib: mercurial (>= 1.9)
reposurgeon: mercurial
ros-rosinstall: mercurial
ros-vcstools: mercurial
ros-wstool: mercurial
setuptools-scm: mercurial

Dependency problem found.

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