2020-12-02 12:50 CET, Romain Porte:
> In order to publish some Python packages that will act as dependencies
> to packages for font management, I would like to join the fonts team.
> [...]
> I have read the current python-team policy [1] and agree with its terms.
> [1] 
> https://salsa.debian.org/python-team/tools/python-modules/blob/master/policy.rst

Gentle reminder to provide me access to python-debian on salsa
for new repository creation.

I have currently 3 packages waiting on mentors.d.n to have the
following repositories created to reserve their names before upload:

 * python-absl
 * python-strictyaml
 * python-vttlib

If access cannot be provided on salsa, I will have to create the
Vcs repositories in my own salsa namespace and remove debian-python@
from the maintainers list of these packages. I would like to avoid this

> My salsa login is "microjoe-guest".

My login has now be moved to "microjoe", as "-guest" suffix are not
mandatory anymore for non-DD/DM.

Best regards,


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