Hi all,

I look after the 'tiledb' (a C++ library) package and the 'tiledb-r' package.
I also effectively maintain 'tiledb-python' but I am running into some issues
there.  I do know a little bit of Python and have (co-)maintained two or
three packages there for decades but this one stumps me.

Larger context is that that upstream is fairly heavy user of Conda and used
to a lot of explicit version pinning.  This creates issues for us here as the
build wants to leave the chroot/pbuilder to match those pins.  Adam (CC'ed)
who set this up initially already patched some calls out (for example sphinx
docs are now local). The 'delicate' bit is that I actually work at TileDB ;-)
and don't want to have a fight over the upstream choice (so I didn't bug my
colleague yet). Upstream use is upstream use, but Debian packaging also has
its rules.

The packaging is at
(and for historical reasons I also have one at
which it is behind) and I would *really* appreciate it if someone could take
a look.  I tried patching requirements_dev.txt and misc/requirements_wheel.txt
but am apparently out of my depth here. I reached out to Adam (CC'ed) but he
is busy too.  We all know how it goes.

Please CC me on follow-ups as I am not subscribed to debian-python.

Thanks,  Dirk

dirk.eddelbuettel.com | @eddelbuettel | e...@debian.org

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