I missed that one, can't say I understand it's purpose in the source
tree if it's not referenced. I'm not familiar with sam or 9P, I've
only used 9base to run the werc web framework on lighttpd.

> 2016-09-18 11:54 GMT+00:00 Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <k...@iki.fi>:
>> sam/_libc.h has:
>>         OREAD = 0,
>>         OWRITE = 1,
>>         ORDWR = 2,
>>         OCEXEC = 4,
>> but it looks like nothing #includes that file, so perhaps that
>> doesn't have to be patched.  Have you tested sam on the Hurd?
>> If these flags are sent in the Topen and Tcreate requests of the
>> 9P protocol, then changing their values breaks compatibility
>> between network hosts that run different implementations.
>> Do the Debian packages support that protocol?

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