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> Advanced view: https://chirath02.github.io/advance.html
> Simple view: https://chirath02.github.io/index.html
> It would be nice if I could get feedback on the new mockup.

Thanks, and sorry for the late reply.

https://chirath02.github.io/advance.html looks quite nice already.
Some thoughts for potentail further improvements:

- I'd really love to see the version of the package in git; maybe it
  could be shown instead of the literal "Git"? And having the (then)
  three columns with versions next to each other would be nice as
- Not sure if the "QA" label / link to vcswatch is that helpful, but
  it doesn't really bother me either.
- The various popups are really helpful IMO.
- The "status" in the Git popup is nice; maybe it's possible to also
  add the trailer line of the top changelog entry?
- For a potential popup of the archive version: having the last
  changelog stanza, and/or something like `who-uploads $pkg' would be
- And, for the version in git, the number of patches and a link.  

Keep up the good work :)


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