Processing control commands:

> clone -1 -2
Bug #839905 [pkg-kde-tools] pkgkde-symbolshelper: Use of uninitialized value in 
concatenation (.) or string at /usr/bin/pkgkde-symbolshelper line 318.
Bug #840293 [pkg-kde-tools] pkg-kde-tools: pkgkde-symbolshelper broken by perl 
Failed to clone 839905: Bug is marked as being merged with others. Use an 
existing clone.

> reassign -2 libdpkg-perl
Failed to clear fixed versions and reopen on -2: The 'bug' parameter ("-2") to 
Debbugs::Control::set_package did not pass regex check

> retitle -2 libdpkg-perl: Dpkg::IPC::spawn immediately closes FH after dup
Failed to set the title of -2: The 'bug' parameter ("-2") to 
Debbugs::Control::set_title did not pass regex check

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