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Package: sddm Version: 0.13.0-1 Severity: important

Until the last update sddm (which I assume is the successor to kdm which I used on stable) was enabling users to choose the window manager of choice. Unfortunately, this was not automatic.

This is no longer the case, i.e. all users are "stuck" with the window manager last used before the update.

The session selector should be visible in the bottom left corner of the screen (at least using the breeze theme). Someone mentioned a similar issue but immediately mentioned that the issue went away when finishing the upgrade, unfortunately I don't remember the exact details.

I haven't been able to reproduce this.

In my use case my wife uses plasma, while I'm using window maker. Now we both use window maker.

Or is there another x session manager more suited for multi user (and multi preference users) systems?

Most other display managers manage this correctly, for example lightdm.

Alternatively, you could use a per user ~/.xsession file to workaround the having to select the session type every time, this should work with sddm (selecting the Xsession option) and even with xdm (which is the oldest dm around).

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