Okay check in Kmail settings / editor configuration. Kmail antivirus /
antispam wizard left untranslated.
In system settings the confirm dialog does contain untranslated buttons but
situation has improved.
Window configure shortcuts in Dolphin / Konsole is partly left untranslated
(click manage schemes).
Kate menu file > save as with encoding

On Polish locales ok / apply / cancel is translated. Now in French
translation is correct when you right click on the clock and reach clock
settings. Basically in French 95% of the bottom dialog buttons are
untranslated (ex : konsole settings) while polish is not affected.
Kopete is also fully translated.

Kdevelop browse menu : jump to next / previous

Note : if the issue was just ok / apply / cancel I would not have set such
high severity.

My locale : fr_FR.UTF-8

Le 20 avr. 2017 10:12, "Maximiliano Curia" <m...@debian.org> a écrit :

¡Hola Julien!

El 2017-04-20 a las 09:53 +0200, Julien Aubin escribió:

> There are also many missing translations in Kmail, System settings and so
> on.

"Many" is unspecific, we can't check for "many" missing translations, if
you are refering to the Ok/Apply/Cancel buttons I would guess it's the same
issue described in the previous mail.

Oddly enough I could test on a Polish computer and here (polish)
> translations are correct notably in systemsettings.

Can you point to a specific text? Are you claiming that the Ok/Apply/Cancel
buttons are translated using a polish locales?

I know severity is overrated (and I opened it previously which is bad but
> as nothing happened...) but such a bug has to be fixed before release. As
> well Gentoo has never been affected with such issue.

Please don't abuse the bug tracking system. And, please provide information
in a way that the issue is easily reproducible and easy to check for
someone that doesn't have your background (doesn't speak french, or polish,
doesn't know what to look for in the window, etc).

Happy hacking,
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