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El 2017-08-04 a las 14:49 +0000, Debian FTP Masters escribió:
  * Bump debhelper version to 10 (was 9); update debian/compat.

Be aware that dhmk hasn't been updated to support debhelper 10, (I'm not even sure if we need to update dhmk).

  * Update debian/control:
- simpify Build-Depends and sort them using wrap-and-sort tool - set Multi-Arch fields to binary packages

kde-gtk-config CMakeLists.txt's lists the minimal version for extra-cmake-modules and cmake, those versions are added by the cmake_update_deps script (in pkg-kde-jenkins.git hooks/prepare/cmake_update_deps).

I've rebased some pending changes that I had in my local repos and uploaded them to alioth.

About plasma in general, I'm still waiting for kf5 to be fully available in experimental to upload plasma 5.10 to experimental.

I guess that kde-gtk-config works fine as and independant upload, but this is not the general case for other frameworks, plasma and apps uploads, so, if possible, please let the rest of the team know that you are working on $foo (a simple msg to the #debian-qt-kde irc channel works fine).

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