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> On Mon, 19 Feb 2018 07:54:11 -0300
> Yeah, that is strange. 

*Too* strange. According to src/gui/kernel/qhighdpiscaling.cpp:

    2) Per-screen scale factors
        Some platform plugins support providing a per-screen scale
        factor based on display density information. These platforms
        include X11, Windows, and Android.

        There are two APIs for enabling or disabling this behavior:
            - The QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR environment variable.
            - The AA_EnableHighDpiScaling and AA_DisableHighDpiScaling
              application attributes

        Enabling either will make QHighDpiScaling call 
        and use the value provided as the scale factor for the screen in
        question. Disabling is done on a 'veto' basis where either the
        environment or the application can disable the scaling. The intended 
        cases are 'My system is not providing correct display density
        information' and 'My application needs to work in display pixels',

And efectively the code does that in usePixelDensity() from the same code. 
QPlatformScreen::pixelDensity() in X11 is implemented by
src/plugins/platforms/xcb/qxcbscreen.cpp, which is the file that the patch 

So the fact that the env variable "does not changes things" for you is really 
really strange.

Let's also look at the patch:

-    m_pixelDensity = qMax(1, qRound(dpi/96));
+    m_pixelDensity = qMax(1, (int) (dpi/96));

The first line is the original code. The only way I see this could work for 
you in -10 but not in -12 is that (dpi/96) > 2.

Please tell me which exact branch and model of monitor you have please, so I 
can check this value.

> I didn't create a new user, because that would
> change nothing. I made sure to override all environment variables for
> the test.

OK, but don't complain later if things do not work out for you.

> I can't test anymore because after fighting Debian's
> absolutely crappy package manager to make it downgrade to testing's
> Qt packages, it works again. (And I'll defend my word choice "crappy".
> Why can't it figure out transitive dependencies? It's just bad.
> aptitude didn't behave better.)

And this behavior makes me want to avoid helping you any further. So if you 
really value our work and are willing to help, please stop with this.

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