On maandag 9 april 2018 12:59:27 CEST Wolfgang Schindler wrote:
> So if you now use discover or an 'apt full-upgrade'

I will give you one thing: discover is a dangerous package in Sid as it seems 
to miss the sanity logic that are available in apt or aptitude.
I *really* wish plasma-discover was at most a Suggest to plasma-desktop. It's 
annoying that I have to explicitly remove it after installing KDE.
I've brought this up before and got the response that discover is meant for 
stable (*). Sorry, but (imo) if your package is unfit for Sid, then it's unfit 
for Testing and thus should be unfit for Stable.

For the rest, I completely agree with what Stuart wrote.
I've written multiple times on the debian-kde ML that people should stop using 
full or dist-upgrade as you don't need in 99% of cases. The normal 
(safe-)upgrade is really all you need. I consider(ed) it condescending to post 
that to this ML.
If you'd done 'aptitude full-upgrade' it would've explicitly told you each and 
every package that would break and why. It then essentially asks "Do you want 
to break your system?" to which you can respond 'Y', but don't be surprised if 
it does exactly what you asked it to do ...

/me goes to write to write to debian-kde to say that again

(*) Since that response I uninstalled discover immediately and remove it 
immediately after installing KDE. It may have actually improved since, but 
I'll never know as I found that response unacceptable and 1000x more so as it 
is a package manager, potentially ruining your system. Which was exactly what 
it had done.

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