> when I want to edit the postal-address of a person in kaddressbook or want
> to add a new one the tab with the postal adress(es), in German called
> "Ort", does not appear, there is only the line: "Fehlende Module. Bitte
> prüfen Sie ihre Installation" (Missing modules. Check your installation.)
> Starting kaddressbook out of a terminal I get the line:
> "org.kde.pim.contacteditor:  error during loading contacteditor plugin :
> "Die dynamische Bibliothek konnte nicht gefunden werden."
> But libkf5contacteditor5:amd64 is installed (4:17.12.3-2). My resources are
> vcf-files.
> Maybe I'm missing something, but an addressbook where you can't add or edit
> postal addresses seems a little bit useless for me. So it would be nice, if
> this feature reappeared.
> Thanks for maintaining the package.

It sounds like you don't have kdepim-addons installed. Please try again with 
kdepim-addons installed.


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