2018-07-08 2:35 GMT+02:00 Nicholas D Steeves <nstee...@gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I'm not sure whether or not the following is a real issue:
> https://appstream.debian.org/sid/main/issues/kio-gdrive.html
> Has anyone encountered an appstream "missing-desktop-file" before?
> From what I can tell the following is due to kio-gdrive's ID being
> different than gdrive-network.desktop (upstream issue from what I can
> tell)
> Please advise how to proceed and I'll fix it for the next upload (New
> upstream release).

AppStream is fine here, although from the error message it is not
immediately obvious what the real problem is.
Upstream declared a "desktop-application" component in it's metainfo
file: `<component type="desktop">`
This is only allowed if there actually is a .desktop file to be found
for that app, or the metainfo file at least defines an `<icon
type="stock"/>` in its metainfo file (in which case the app will not
be launchable from the software center, because there is still no
.desktop file, but at least it won't throw an error and be "legal").

So, what upstream should do is make this a generic component (drop the
"type=" from the component tag entirely), or make this an addon-type
component[0] to some central application (Dolphin and Konqueror?) that
uses the module.
That will fix the issue.



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