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On 2018-02-27 7:47, intrigeri wrote:

Adam D. Barratt:
What's the difference between this and +deb9u1? Is it simply this


and the equivalent in debian/install?

Yes (modulo the timing matter regarding the Linux 4.14.x bug, which
was the only reason why +deb9u1 could not make it into a stable
release last time).

The changelog going from -3 to -3+deb9u2 is confusing, particularly
given that +deb9u1 has been available to users of proposed-updates for
some time. If the above is correct, please keep the previous changelog
stanza for +deb9u1 as-is and add a new entry for +deb9u2 describing the
path change.

Done and accordingly adjusted the maintainer scripts to remove
the old (now obsolete) /etc/apparmor/features conffile from systems
that had +deb9u1 installed.


Please feel free to upload.



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