On 09/03/18 15:53, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> Hi,
> Please binNMU:
> obexftp
> ruby-bcrypt-pbkdf
> Now we need to discuss what to do wrt the few pending packages.
> weechat: #892072 [S|+|  ] [src:weechat] weechat: build against ruby2.5

That's got a patch, and should be fixed.

> uwsgi: #892074 [S  |  ] [src:uwsgi] uwsgi: FTBFS with ruby2.5 as default

I gave a clue about this one on the bug. Easy to fix.

> graphviz: is missing on armel, because guile-2.2-dev is missing on armel. I
> asked on #debian-buildd and Julien told me that guile-2.2-dev brings the
> buildds down.

Yeah, this is a problem.

> ruby-prof: I just uploaded an update that will make it build fine on s390x.


> ruby-pgplot: it's in contrib and has a dependency on a non-free package,
> so it can't be built on buildds. I could do binary uploads myself now,
> or ask someone who cares about it to do that, but then when it's time to
> drop ruby2.3 I would need to do that again, and I would prefer to do it
> just once. I just reported a serious bugs about this.

Already fixed (thanks Andreas!)

> My suggestion would be to remove weechat, uwsgi and ruby-pgplot from
> testing, remove graphviz from testing on armel, and unblock the
> transition. But, of course, this is your call.

No, we should fix weechat and uwsgi. The only real problem is with guile-2.2 on
armel. I'll see what can be done there.


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