On 03/03/18 10:59, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> As you can see it's a bunch of packages building with gcc-6 & g++-6. They 
> probably
> need new upstream versions that support GCC 7. The only exception is 
> libpam-script
> build-depending on libgfortran3 for no apparent good reason. I filed #889876 
> for that.

I filed bugs for these:


> As for the GCJ removal, I crafted this list of binary packages. This is 
> running
> for sid, so it catches more stuff.

> Some things here need to be updated to use openjdk or default-jdk, e.g. 
> kamailio, pdftk, libidn...
> Other things likely need to be removed since GCJ is no more, e.g. ant-gcj, 
> ecj-gcj...

And for these:



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