what is the SRM opinion on the armel/armhf alignment bugs that are
exposed by building/running on 64-bit hardware that does not fix up
misaligned accesses?


The fixed bugs in this list are currently

* fixed in buster (adios, mash, coturn)
* fixed in sid (pywavelets, ndpi, nsis, ruby-ferret)
* RMed from sid (pythonqt)

Is it worth fixing them in buster point releases (i.e. are 32-bit arm
buildds running on 64-bit hardware something that will be needed during
the buster life cycle)? Or should we tag them 'buster-ignore'? (I think
tagging them 'bullseye sid' would be wrong.)


(pondering whether it's worth to buster-pu pywavelets)

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