Hi Release Team,

In order to resolve an issue with wxWidgets 3.2 and packages that use wxWidgets OpenGL support (wxGLCanvas), I need to rebuild wxWidgets with GLX support instead of EGL support, as unfortunately, most of the companion OpenGL packages (e.g., glew, pyglet) are not ready for EGL support (for example, hugin uses wxWidgets[EGL] and glew[GLX] for its OpenGL support -> which currently fails, see bug #1020640).

Unfortunately, rebuilding wxWidgets with GLX instead of EGL support results in an ABI change for the libwx_gtk3u_gl library. Thus, I can see two ways to resolve this:

1) Rebuild wxWidgets and then binNMU all packages that link with libwx_gtk3u_gl library (about a dozen packages).

2) Rebuild wxWidgets with soname bump and then rebuild all packages that use wx (about 67 packages).

What do you think is the best way to proceed?


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