On 2022-11-21 20:46, Sebastian Ramacher wrote:
On 2022-11-21 08:03:26 +0100, Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:
Hello Release Team,

libpinyin upstream made a SOVERSION bump from 13 to 15, and the
Debian packaging has been changed accordingly in libpinyin 2.7.92-1
in experimental. These are the packages affected by the


I have changed the sources as appropriate and successfully test
built the packages against the new libpinyin.

As regards maliit-keyboard I plan to ping the maintainer (aka
submit a bug) and possibly do an NMU. The other affected packages
are maintained by Debian's IME team, and as a team member I plan to
upload them myself.

The autogenerated ben tracker looks as expected:


Please consider libpinyin for transition.

Please go ahead after filing the bug against malitt-keyboard.

Both libpinyin and the reverse dependencies have built successfully in unstable on the official architectures, and the old library packages have been deleted.

I notice that libpinyin has not yet migrated, even though the 2 days delay is over. Is that because Britney waits for the dependencies to be migration ready too, or is it because this bug is not closed yet?

This is my first transition, so I'm trying to figure out along the road how things actually work. ;)

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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