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Dear release team,

once again, hopefully for the last time before the release, I'm asking for
permission for a small mostly self-contained transition of the whole linphone
stack. It has been staged in experimental.

Most of these libraries don't change SONAME (except for ortp, mediastreamer2)
but upstream only supports staying within the same minor version. So there is a
(>= | < ) dependency generated with shlibs and the stack will have to migrate
in one go.

bctoolbox 5.0.37-2 -> 5.1.64-1
belr 5.0.37-2 -> 5.1.64-1
bzrtp 5.0.37-2 -> 5.1.64-1
lime 5.0.37+dfsg-5 -> 5.1.64+dfsg-1
bcmatroska2 5.0.37-2 -> 5.1.20-1
ortp 1:5.0.37-2 -> 1:5.1.64-1
belcard 5.0.37-2 -> 5.1.64-1
belle-sip 5.0.37+dfsg-3 -> 5.1.64+dfsg-1
mediastreamer2  1:5.0.37+dfsg-4 -> 1:5.1.64+dfsg-1
linphone 5.0.37-6 -> 5.1.65-1
linphone-desktop 4.3.2-2 -> 4.4.10-1

only ortp has reverse dependencies outside of the linphone stack that will need
a binNMU.


All other packages listed in the transition belong to the linphone stack and
will be uploaded by me.


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