Severity: normal
Usertags: transition
X-Debbugs-Cc: Anton Gladky <>

We'd like to update the numerical library stack in time for the new
stable release.

Affected libraries are

hypre        2.25.0 -> 2.26.0
petsc/slepc    3.17 -> 3.18
sundials      5.8.0 -> 6.4.1

Autotransitions are already generated:

Most of the dependent packages are under our control
(Debian Science Team), octave is the main one outside our team.

Updates have built fine in experimental and dependent
packages are building successfully against them.

Anton Gladky will upload the sundials update.

Ben file:

title = "numerical library transition: hypre / petsc / slepc / sundials";
is_affected = .depends ~ "libpetsc-real3.17" | .depends ~ "libpetsc-real3.18";
is_good = .depends ~ "libpetsc-real3.18";
is_bad = .depends ~ "libpetsc-real3.17";


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