Package: gcc-11
Followup-For: Bug #1005863

Hi folks,

Bug #1005863 describes a gcc-11 behaviour that results in software that exits
ungracefully on Geode LX i686 hardware.  Despite self-reporting as i586
sometimes, Geode LX is in fact an i686 CPU (without physical address extensions
and multi-instruction noops -- both optional per spec).

My assessment -- which may be incorrect -- is that something like 20% of
packages in the bookworm i386 suite are susceptible to the bug, so I think that
installing bookworm on a Geode LX system would present users with a poor
experience of Debian.

Would it be fair to raise the severity of this bug to a release-critical

I understand that toolchains are an important part of the ecosystem and that
changes to them -- especially ones that may affect many packages -- should be
undertaken with care, and that we are into bookworm's pre-release hard freeze.

Thank you,

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