On 08-04-2024 19:30, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
On Mon, 2024-04-08 at 14:26 +0200, Dennis van Dok wrote:
I've uploaded a new version since unstable is already at 1.128-1.

The package you've uploaded is versioned 1.128-1+deb12u1, which is
higher than the version in unstable. The stable upload needs to have a
lower version number, conventionally 1.128-1~deb12u1.

It appears you've also uploaded a 1.128-1~deb12u1 package, which
confusingly seems to be a rebuild of 1.12_7_-1 from unstable.

I'm going to flag both uploads for rejection. Once you get confirmation
of that having been actioned, if what you're actually aiming for is to
get a rebuild of 1.128-1 into stable then please:
- use 1.128-1~deb12u1 as the package version
- attach a revised debdiff to this bug

Hi Adam,

sorry for the confusion, it's entirely my fault for not knowing how this works.

The 1.128-1~deb12u1 should be the correct version, the uploaded version *is* a rebuild of 1.128-1 in unstable but I think I messed up the changelog.

It's ok to reject them, I'll fix the changelog and upload a better version.



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