Ian Jackson writes ("Re-Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems"):
> I wish to propose the following general resolution, and hereby call
> for seconds.  This GR resolution proposal is identical to that
> proposed by Matthew Vernon in March:
>   https://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2014/03/msg00000.html
> and the substantive text is that which was drafted for the purposes of
> the technical committee's vote (where they decided not to pass a
> resolution on the subject).
> IMO developments since March show that the concerns put forward then
> were well-founded.  Following discussions elsewhere including -devel I
> have received enough offers of seconds by private email.

I'm sorry to drag you into this now, but I don't want to end up
perhaps passing a GR and then have an argument about its meaning.

> 2. Loose coupling of init systems
>   In general, software may not require a specific init system to be
>   pid 1.  The exceptions to this are as follows:
>    * alternative init system implementations
>    * special-use packages such as managers for init systems
>    * cooperating groups of packages intended for use with specific init
>      systems
>   provided that these are not themselves required by other software
>   whose main purpose is not the operation of a specific init system.
>   Degraded operation with some init systems is tolerable, so long as
>   the degradation is no worse than what the Debian project would
>   consider a tolerable (non-RC) bug even if it were affecting all
>   users.  So the lack of support for a particular init system does not
>   excuse a bug nor reduce its severity; but conversely, nor is a bug
>   more serious simply because it is an incompatibility of some software
>   with some init system(s).

To make this a concrete example, the intent of this text is:

The GR says that it would be a bug for GNOME not to be installable
without systemd, even on Linux.  Uninstallability would normally be an
RC bug.  The GR says that this uninstallability bug is not less severe
just because it is limited to non-systemd setups.  Therefore, GNOME
depending on systemd is an RC bug.

Is that how the release team would interpret these paragraphs of the
GR ?  If not, can you please suggest a clarification ?  One option
would be to include this clarification in the GR text as an example.


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