Control: retitle -1 ncrack should switch to OpenSSL >= 1.1 at some point

On Thu, 01 Dec 2016, Salvatore Bonaccorso wrote:
> reopen 844303 
> severity 844303 important
> unblock 827061 with 844303
> thanks
> Hi
> Rationale: the package would still FTBFS with OpenSSL 1.1. Thus
> (bacause it is now explicitly build depending on 1.0 version), lower
> the severity and in particular unblock the OpenSSL 1.1 transition bug.

I don't understand why we want to treat this as a single transition.
It's one transition to have 1.1 by default and it's one transition
to get rid of 1.0.

It's a bit ridiculous to re-purpose the same bug for two different
transitions. The package is no longer failing to build from source, why
keep a FTBFS bug open?

> Let me know though in case I missed something for the above.

Done. :-) I know others did similar reopen on similarly closed bug
but now that we accepted the idea to keep OpenSSL 1.0 in stretch, we
have accepted the principle of two transitions and we should just close
all those bugs. And open new ones when buster opens and when we want
to get rid of OpenSSL 1.0.

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