Package: wnpp
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Sensu Core is advertised[1] with the MIT License

There is also an enterprise version with a non-free license

Has anybody looked at the free version to see how it compares to other
free products in this space, such as Icinga2[2] and Nagios[3]?

Has anybody looked at the free version to see how many dependencies it
requires and whether they are all DFSG-compliant?

Has anybody observed the way they interact with the community, for
example, does the existence of the enterprise version mean they are
reluctant to accept enhancements to the free version that would compete
with the paid product?  I notice the free version is Ruby while the paid
version mentions Java/JVM runtime[1], so maybe the enterprise version is
a completely different codebase and can be treated as if it doesn't exist.

It uses a Ruby build system, upstream publishes packages built[4] with a
tool called Omnibus.  Can anybody familiar with Ruby comment on whether
this is helpful for official packaging?

This is also another example of a project encouraging people to install
their own PGP key and private repository URL into apt[5] rather than
publish an official package through Debian.


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