Hi Cédric, all,

On 18-03-04 22:04:46, Georg Faerber wrote:
> On 18-03-03 16:30:36, Cédric Boutillier wrote:
> > ruby-factory-girl-rails fails to build because of dependency
> > checking looking for a factory_girl gemspec file instead of a
> > factory_bot.
> > 
> > I don't know if it is better to fix factory-girl-rails gemspecs, or
> > to ship also the factor_girl.gemspec file too with ruby-factory-bot.
> Hm, I'm not really sure how to deal with this, as I already (tried?)
> to describe in one of my initial mails: Not only to name changed, but
> also code within, and no "compat helper / level" was introduced. This
> means, that code which depends on factory_girl needs to change as
> well.  Upstream described the necessary steps regarding this [1].
> Given these circumstances, I'm not really sure if using 'Replaces' in
> d/control and providing a transitional package is the right way to go.
> What about introducing ruby-factory-bot as a new package without
> 'Breaks', 'Replaces' and a transitional package, and removing
> ruby-factory-girl once all upstreams of the reverse dependencies have
> changed to ruby-factory-bot?
> FWIW: I could also introduce / prepare ruby-factory-bot-rails, as this
> was renamed as well. 
> @Pirate: Asking you, because currently you're listed as the only
> uploader: Would this help, any opinion? Personally, I'm not sure if
> this is needed at all, given there are no rdepends.
> Cheers,
> Georg
> [1]
> https://github.com/thoughtbot/factory_bot/blob/4-9-0-stable/UPGRADE_FROM_FACTORY_GIRL.md

Friendly ping, I would like to get this done.. Any further input on this?


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