Hi Paul,

sorry for not answering earlier.

* Paul Gevers <elb...@debian.org> [2018-07-12 22:33]:
There was an upload of ros-robot-state-publisher that seems to improve
the situation a bit, but it fails its own test (see error below).

Yes, I'm working on it, but it needs uploads of some other packages I will do now.

If this fix (and the final fix) is the right solution in the
ros-ros-comm situation, please be advised that a versioned Breaks in
ros-ros-comm may be appropriate (albeit due to an autopkgtest not
enough, but I'll fix the situation manually if the Breaks is added).

I don't think that would be correct. We are working on autopkgtests and new upstream versions at the same time. So it was not the new version of ros-ros-comm braking other software but rather new autopkgtests breaking at the same time. Also see #902219 about tests being broken before.

Cheers Jochen

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