Hi Josch,

* Johannes Schauer <jo...@debian.org> [2016-10-14 18:22]:
> My question: why is robot_state_publisher not provided by the package? Is 
> there
> a reason not to? It is not explained in README.Debian. Or is this just
> something that is simply "not-done-yet". I need the robot_state_publisher for 
> a
> project so I would be willing to provide a patch if this just needs somebody 
> to
> do the work.

It's not done yet ;). You can find an initial version here:


Would be great if you could finish it. As far as I can see it needs an
ITP and a copyright file.

Btw. If you want to work on more ROS packages, the current state is
listed here:


Cheers Jochen

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