Hello Paul,

> Once I fixed 850190, 

Do you think that you will fix this bug before next week in order to let me 
enought time to fix tango and upload it.

> I believe that ought to work, although that is
> still a hack. I was thinking of doing the "DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS *"
> calls with the administrator credentials and the rest of the upgrade
> script with the proper tango credentials. But probably your solution is
> easier to implement.

I am thinking about this, and I agreed thaht it would be nice to put the fic in 
the postinst, just before the 
dbc_go whcih does the upgrade.

Can you give me an example of how to execute this DROP PROCEDURES IF EXISTS *
with the dbadmin right in this postinst

I am wondering if dbconfig-common could provide something in order to execute 
an sql script everywhen at the request of the maintainer,

dbc_dbuser = dbadmin
dbc_go tango "runscript"

which run the script with the right database configuration extracted from the 
configuration phase.


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