Dear Debian Science maintainers,

I am herewith looking for somebody to take over the bibus Debian package.
Bibus is a bibliography database written in Python 2.7 and used to work
stand-alone but also together with and LyX. It is
no longer maintained upstream since 2013 and its compatibility with current
LibreOffice is unknown. It is not and will probably never be ported to
Python 3. I have stopped using it many years ago and thus lost interest. As
Real Life keeps me busy with other things I would like to either hand over
the package to somebody else or (in the worst case) directly request the
removal of this package from Debian.

If there would be anybody interested in just keeping an eye on bibus and
react to any bug reports possibly popping up (which should be all that can
be expected to happen to a new maintainer), this would be great.

Thanks a lot and best regards,


Jan Beyer

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