From: Mrs. Nancy Wilford                                                        
Office of the Secretary General 
United Nations NY USA.

Dear beneficiary
Good day to you, I am glad to get through your email today, because, past 4 
days, I have been searching for your email contact in every document in my 
office without success. 
 Furthermore, I am glad to inform you that meeting held on Tuesday between the 
Secretary General of United Nations Mr. António Guterres and the President of 
United Nations Mr. Peter Thomson was to effect all unpaid contract fund to the 

Mr. Peter Thomson and Mr. António Guterres commented on the cause of global 
crises on unpaid contract/debt as in files discovered in United Nations Office 
kept during the reign of Mr. Ban Ki Moon, was due to the loans  the Previous 
Secretary General of United Nations collected from World Bank and Countries. 

Therefore, for the reason on global economy crises by firms and individuals, 
Mr. Peter Thomson and Mr. António Guterres had instructed my office to 
speediest immediate payment of unpaid local and international debts to the 
benefited Individuals and Firms. 
Therefore, I am contacting you as one of the contract clients / beneficiary / 
inheritance of unpaid foreign fund which was listed in the sum loaned to United 
Nations for global re-habilitation/empowerment program during the reign of Mr. 
Bank Ki Mon as the Secretary General, so Mr. Peter Thomson and Mr. António 
Guterres instructed my department to contact you immediately for your payment 
to rehabilitate yourself, business and Family, Furthermore, Mr. Peter Thomson 
and Mr. António Guterres have transferred your file and fund to United Nations 
office in Lome Togo for immediate payment, and Mr. Rungsun Klinkaeo of United 
Nations of the Kingdom of Thailand , have been transferred to United Nations 
Lome Togo, as the Regional Director General of West Africa States, to supervise 
the payment as instructed by  Mr. Peter Thomson and Mr. António Guterres.
Finally, Mr. Rungsun Klinkaeo, will be leaving Thailand for Lome Togo this 
Therefore,  you should write to him as your receive this mail, so that your 
name and payment will be the first to be on first list of Email.
So you should write to Mr. Rungsun Klinkaeo to request for your payment as soon 
as you receive this mail fro me. His email is ,, or  

Comply with this advice so you will receive your fund as in this mail, confirm 
to me as soon as you email. Mr. Rungsun Klinkaeo..
Mrs. Nancy Wilford                                                           

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