Hi Pierre,

On Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 10:34:50AM +0100, Pierre Saramito wrote:
> Many thanks for your rewrite and modernization 
> of the Debian files for the Rheolef package in rheolef-6.7-5.

You are welcome.
> For build time tests to run correctly,
> I have now to patch these files,
> but I have a technical problem:
>   After the move from SVN to GIT of the package, I am no more able to 
> download & edit the files. 
> I need to download, edit and upload the debian files,
> but I dont have any account on sources.debian.org 

You need to register an account on salsa.debian.org and ask for
membership of Debian Science team.  You also need to create your
personal Gitlab token.  Once this is setup you can simply do

   gbp clone g...@salsa.debian.org:science-team/rheolef.git
>   Any idea how to solve this in a simple way ?

Hope this helps.  Please keep on asking if you have trouble with details
but make sure you stick to the mailing list since I'm currently
> Many thanks for your help for the Debianization of the package,
You are welcome



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