Dear HDF5-tools Maintainers,

is it possible to provide the h5clear tool in the hdf5-tools package for 
stretch, (e.g. backports).
Since hdfview brakes SWMR files it would be good to have a script which fix 
them back.

Best regards,

On 02/16/18 19:16, wrote:
> Hi Jan,
> You can use the h5clear -s utility to remove the flag.
> I should have mentioned that!
> -Barbara
> On Fri, 16 Feb 2018, Kotanski, Jan wrote:
>> Hi Barbara,
>> Is there any way to rescue (i.e. unlock) the files broken by hdfview,
>> e.g. a script which unlocks the file?
>> If not we have to forbid our user to use the hdfview (or do not use SWMR).
>> They don't know a priori if the file was created with SWMR or not.
>> And if they cannot unlock broken files they loose their data.
>> Best regards,
>> Jan

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