Le dimanche 11 mars 2018, 08:54:00 CET W. Martin Borgert a écrit :
> On 2018-03-11 07:44, Anton Gladky wrote:
> > I have added the Denis to the Debian Science Team and
> > created an empty repo for qelectrotech [1].
> Thanks, Anton!
> I pushed the existing branches from
> http://git.tuxfamily.org/qet/debian.git
> to
> https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/qelectrotech
> Denis, you may use the new git repo now :~)
> Btw. the layout of the repo seems a little bit unusual.
> It is only the content of the debian directory, but without the
> "debian" dir itself.
> Maybe we can change this to the more DEP-14-ish layout?
> (http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep14/)
> And with complete upstream sources?
> I can do this, if nobody objects.
> Denis, Laurent, is that OK?
> Cheers
> PS: If I see it correctly, the documentation to QET is separate
> from the source code itself, right? When we are done with the
> 0.6 package, it would be nice to package the documentation, too.
> Only last week, I was happy that Debian has a lot of -doc
> packaged (and I had installed at least some of it), when the
> internet connection of my company broke for some hours!

FYI Martin, the online documentation (Sphinx Inventory), is very old now and 
based on Arun work for 0.4 version in 2015 years, only translated in English 
and Russian :

But Nuri work for explain quickly new features on new web site :

BTW, is very nice is on future if someone make Debian package for great "DXF 
to elmt" converter external plugin :
The DXFtoQET converter is an external application to convert a .dxf file into 
a .elmt file which can be opened and edited in the QElectroTech element 


For now is just a binary compiled by me and users put it on QET home folder.

Other think openSUSE mainstream want to make a package for great python qet-
tb-generator plugin :


12:29 <@scorpio810> cousin_luigi: hi
12:33 <@scorpio810> < cousin_luigi> Do you have anything to do with the qet-
tb-generator python module? this plugin is writed by Raul
12:33 <@scorpio810> https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=902
12:34 <@scorpio810> https://qelectrotech.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1007
12:43 < cousin_luigi> scorpio810: Thanks, that looks like the same person I 
wrote to.
12:43 < cousin_luigi> Does he ever come here?
12:43 <@scorpio810> no, never see here I remember
12:43 < cousin_luigi> (licensing terms are unclear and I can't package the 
module for openSUSE as it is)
12:44 < cousin_luigi> K, will wait for an email then.
12:45 <@scorpio810> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/qet-tb-generator/
12:46 < cousin_luigi> About the other question? Is there an idea of when 0.6 
final will be tagged?
12:46 <@scorpio810> Author: Raul Roda
12:46 <@scorpio810> Keywords: qelectrotech terminal electric
12:46 < cousin_luigi> scorpio810: Yes, that's where I got it from, but just 
"GPL" won't cut it.
12:46 <@scorpio810> License: GPL
12:46 < cousin_luigi> is it GPL 1.0 ? 2.0? 3.0? And just that version or also 
later ones?
12:47 <@scorpio810> setup(
12:47 <@scorpio810>     name="qet_tb_generator",
12:47 <@scorpio810>     version="0.7.72",
12:47 <@scorpio810>     description="Script that generates terminal blocks & 
connectors for QElectroTech",
12:47 <@scorpio810>     long_description = """Allows to generate terminal 
blocks and connectors for QElectroTech electrical diagram software.""",
12:47 <@scorpio810>     author="Raul Roda",
12:47 <@scorpio810>     author_email="raulr...@yahoo.com",
12:47 <@scorpio810>     #url="www.something.com",
12:47 <@scorpio810>     license='GPL',
12:47 < cousin_luigi> Yeah, I wrote to that very address.
12:48 < cousin_luigi> I just have to wait, I suppose.
12:48 <@scorpio810> he not specific GPL version
12:49 < cousin_luigi> Yeah, openSUSE legal is quite picky about such details. 
They'll never approve it.
12:49 <@scorpio810> Debian too :)



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