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Ximin Luo:
> Hi Jaimos, you can force use of the latex fonts by passing typeset="latex" as 
> a parameter to any one of the three functions plot(), text() or show() that 
> you're using.
> The documentation for says:
>         - ``typeset`` -- (default: ``"default"``) string. The type of
>           font rendering that should be used for the text. The possible
>           values are
>           - ``"default"`` -- Uses matplotlib's internal text rendering
>             engine called Mathtext ( see
>    ). If you have
>             modified the default matplotlib settings, for instance via
>             a matplotlibrc file, then this option will not change any of
>             those settings.
>           - ``"latex"`` -- LaTeX is used for rendering the fonts. This
>             requires LaTeX, dvipng and Ghostscript to be installed.
>           - ``"type1"`` -- Type 1 fonts are used by matplotlib in the text
>             in the figure.  This requires LaTeX, dvipng and Ghostscript to
>             be installed.
> implying that the "default" setting is based on whatever matplotlib does. 
> Looking at sage's own patches for their matplotlib package, I see nothing 
> relevant that suggests they are forcing latex specifically. Neither do I see 
> anything relevant in Debian's matplotlib package forcing non-latex:
> -
> -
> We are doing nothing specific in the Debian sagemath package either.
> Feel free to investigate further; I am unlikely to do that but would be happy 
> to leave this bug open for documentation purposes. Arguably it could be 
> reassigned to the python-matplotlib package but I am unsure if it is really 
> their issue, or our issue.
> X
> Jaimos Skriletz wrote:
>> Package: sagemath
>> Version: 7.4-9
>> Severity: minor
>> Dear Maintainer,
>> In upgrading to stretch from jessie I am trying to switch to using the
>> Debian package for sagemath from using the packages from upstream.
>> In switching I noticed the following issue:
>> I use sagemath, via the notebook(), to mostly draw images and label
>> them. For example to label a function I would use something like:
>> P = plot( sqrt(4-x), (x,0,4) )
>> P += text( r"$y=\sqrt{4-x}$", (3.2,1.5), fontsize=16, color="black" )
>> The upstream version of sagemath (either the version pre-compiled for
>> Debian 8 or a version I compiled on stretch use the standard LaTeX
>> math fonts for formulas, while the Debian package does not.
>> Images attached.
>> I am not sure if this is an issue with how sagemath was built or a
>> configuration option, but I have not been able to figure out how
>> to get the Debian package to use the standard LaTeX fonts that
>> I am use to.

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