Hello, I'm honored to draw your attention to this investment proposal with 
sincere believe that you will see the embedded benefits therein. My name is 
Shehu Ladan Group Executive director-commercial and investment- Nigerian 
National Petroleum Corporation-NNPC. My proposed investment fund is a entitled 
commission legitimately earned from crude oil sales facilitated by sales agent 
on behalf of the Corporation-NNPC. As a practice, the major crude oil marketers 
are paid directly by the Corporation NNPC through crude oil swap deal because 
of huge volume of sales, but payment to sales agent/facilitators is process by 
the federal ministry of finance. With this understanding, I tactically used my 
office to facilitate some sales to a cumulative sum over a period of time, but 
the accrued total sum has not been paid because I cannot directly use my 
information to make claim to the accrued total sum as our country's code of 
conduct dose not allowed public servant to act as sales facilitator. However, 
having succeeded in moving the files to the appropriate government departments, 
I need you as a partner to stand as the sales facilitator to receive the 
accrued sum from the Corporation for joint investment between you and I as 
partners. To pull the fund from the Corporation, I will use your information to 
secure the vital document from the Corporation validating and confirming you as 
the sales agent that facilitated the sales to the accrued commission of a total 
sum I will made known to you on your response to my alternative email: 
shehul...@outlook.com All I need from you is your information in this order; 
Your full names Your contact address company and address(if any) Your personal 
phone number Your occupation. Date of Birth. Martial status However, if it's 
not convenient to go into joint investment with me because of your job or other 
engagement, I'm willing to negotiate 25% as compensation to you while 10% will 
be giving as charity. It is important to note that the fund is free from any 
litigation while assuring you it will be release to you in line with 
International banking rules and regulations in accordance with international 
regulatory bodies against money laundering and terrorism to ensure that the 
fund transfer to your account will not infringe on your country financial 
policies. Thanks in anticipation of your partnership. Shehu 
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