On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 11:16:13AM +0200, Wolfgang Fütterer wrote:
> In the rules file using cdbs there are the following environment variables 
> defined:
> DEB_DH_MAKESHLIBS_ARGS_scilab-full-bin = -n
> DEB_DH_MAKESHLIBS_ARGS_scilab-minimal-bin = -n
> Both environment variables, DEB_DH_MAKESHLIBS_ARGS_scilab-full-bin and 
> DEB_DH_MAKESHLIBS_ARGS_scilab-minimal-bin, add extra arguments passed to 
> dh_makeshlibs. But only for the packages scilab-full-bin and scilab-minimal-
> bin. 
> I now use the following in my rules file building scilab:
> override_dh_makeshlibs:
>       dh_makeshlibs -n
> But if I pass -n in this way, it will be used for the building of all 
> packages, right? 
> How can I pass such an argument only for a specific package? Is there 
> something like 'override_dh_makeshlibs_package
>  or can I use DEB_DH_MAKESHLIBS_ARGS_package for debhelper7 as well?

please read debhelper(7).
You want to do:

        dh_makeshlibs -pscilab-full-bin -n
        dh_makeshlibs -pscilab-minimal-bin -n
        dh_makeshlibs --remaining-packages

You can also put the first to dh_makeshlibs calls in a single command
(-p can be repeated).

> And is this also possible for different architectures? For example using -n 
> only for arch=amd64.

You'd need to leverage makefile abilities for that:

DEB_HOST_ARCH ?= $(shell dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_ARCH)
ifeq ($(DEB_HOST_ARCH),amd64)
        dh_makeshlibs -pfoo -n
        dh_makeshlibs --remaining-packages

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