Aloha -

I released libgtkdatabox about a week ago.

It's mostly a bug fix release, but it's got one new feature (dotted grids)
that makes xoscope look a lot more aesthetically pleasing.  It's backwards
compatible with older code.  xoscope itself already checks for the new
feature in its configure script, so all that should be required is to
update libgtkdatabox and rebuild xoscope.

Petter Reinholdsten, who maintains the Debian xoscope package, has
indicated that a freeze is coming up.  I'd like to get the new version of
libgtkdatabox in under the wire, if possible.

Looking at the Debian Package Tracker, half of the problems have been fixed
in the new release, and the other half seem to be in the Debian package
itself.  If a few little tweaks need to be made, libgtkdatabox
could follow in very short order.

Is anybody on this list willing to take a look at packaging the new release?



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