Am Thu, 1 Dec 2016 06:54:50 +0000
schrieb PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel
> > It is not huge, but still sizeable, all in all it is about 5
> >megabytes
> > compiled and stripped. I mostly want to split bornagain into
> > multiple packages because I for example would like to install
> > bornagain on a server where I only need the python bindings and
> > avoiding a dependency on an Xserver and qt would be nice.  
> do you expose the gui part from the python binding ?

No, the python bindings can not be used to steer the GUI. The python
bindings are only for the core and fitting routines, not for the GUI
> > Nope, the GUI is written in C++ almost entirely and the python part
> >is
> > just a thin layer in python on top of the C++ libraries. I think I
> > can't statically link because the libraries are used by the python
> > bindings as well as the GUI.  
> in that case the best is to provide a libbornagainX package with its
> -dev package.

Yes, that's what I think now as well. I'll look into other C++/cmake
packages to learn how that can be accomplished best.

Any suggestions for a C++/cmake based (scientific) package in debian
that would be a good template for me?




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