Le lundi 07 août 2017 à 10:42 +0200, Sébastien Villemot a écrit :

> Concerning vspline, I am of course willing to help you get it into
> Debian. However, you should be aware that you are expected to do proper
> ABI tracking of the library once it is packaged (see [1]; see also [2]
> if you intend to create the shared library with libtool, which I would
> recommend). So, if your library is still under intense development, it
> may be wiser to wait a little bit before pushing it to Debian and let
> the dust settle, otherwise you may end up changing the SOVERSION and
> going through the NEW queue for every new upstream release.

I have just realized that vspline is a C++-header-only library, so the
above paragraph obviously does not apply, sorry for the noise.

I'll review your packaging soon. Don't hesitate to remind me if I don't
get back to you before a couple of weeks.

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