> I would like to update a package feelpp from its latest release 0.103.2 to
> a more recent development version.
> I've tried to define the newest version as: 0.103.3+gitREVNUMBER with
> REVNUMBER the id of the git commit

Are you sure you want 0.103.3+gitREV, which means something like release
0.103.3 + later fixes from git revision REV (a successor of 0.103.3)? Or
do you mean 0.103.3~gitREV, which means, that this version is some kind
of a predecessor of 0.103.3 but a successor of 0.103.2?

0.103.2 < 0.103.3~gitREV < 0.103.3 < 0.103.3+gitREV

PS1: The commit IDs of Git are not in ascending order, because they are
hashes. So comparing two versions, which contain commit IDs may not lead to
the result you want.

PS2: You probably have an issue with apt pinning as already mentioned.

Regards, Daniel

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