CCed Andreas, who seems responsible for this


The uncoordinated upload of togl 2.0 into Debian unstable breaks both
netgen (#889003) and xcrysden (#889906). Togl2 uses a completely different
API then Togl1.7. Whereas there seems to be at least a netgen version
shipping (and therefor maybe using) togl 2.1, xcrysden can neither be
fixed easily nor in short terms, thus making it impossible to build it on
Debian systems.

This situation could have been easily avoided by following the advice from
the release team [1] and the best transition practices [2] probably
leading to a solution like: uploading togl2 as a separate source package
building and shipping libtogl2-dev and libtogl2 and doing a reasonable
library transition and giving time to maintainers and upstream authors to
react. Unfortunately this is no longer an option.

So I'm asking you, how to proceed from here?



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